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Interesting Real life Story Of Selena Gomez’

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez The great American singer, actress and producer. Selena began her acting career on the children’s television series Barney & Friends (2002–2004).

Childhood & Early Life

Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas, U. S. A.

When the young girl was only five years old, her parents separated, and her grandparents played an important role in her upbringing. Selena has two stepsisters, Gracie Elliot, her mother’s child with Brian Teefey, and Victoria, born to her father and his second wife, Sara.


American singer and actress Selena Gomez has received many awards and nominations throughout her career.

Gomez released three albums with her former band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, all of which reached the top ten of the US Billboard 200 and were certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The night before the procedure, the girls got their hair braided together and had a feast. they were in it together. Francia even wrote up a will in the rare case she wouldn’t wake up after the surgery.

Francia went in first, the surgery went well. Then it was Selena’s turn but halfway through operation something went wrong.

Selena suffered a life threatening complication, when she broke an artery. She was rushed into another emergency surgery to build a new one, using a vein in her leg.

Recovery was difficult but Selena came out stronger than ever. When receiving her Billboard “Woman Of The Year” award she tearfully accepted, crediting her best friend for the ultimate gift.

Major Works

One of the famous ‘Disney’ stars, Selena’s television film, ‘Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie’ is considered to be the most successful amongst all her work. The movie, directed by Lev L. Spiro, attracted 11.4 million people on the first day of screening, and it received the ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ in the ‘Best Children Program’ category in 2010.

Awards & Achievements

This young celebrity actor has been nominated on 125 occasions, and has won some of the most prestigious awards for her songs as well as acting performances.

This talented actress was honoured with the ‘American Latino Media Arts Award’, (‘ALMA Award’) in 2009 for the series ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. For the same show.

she received the ‘Gracie Awards’, and the ‘Imagen Awards’. She has also been the recipient of seven ‘Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards’ for ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’.

From 2010-12, the German, ‘Bravo Otto’ awards have been presented to Gomez on six occasions. During the same time, she was also declared the ‘Woman of the Year’, by the ‘Glamour Awards’.

For her philanthropic services, she received the ‘Chris Greicius Celebrity Award’ from the ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’, and the ‘Young Visionary Award’ at the ‘Unite4: Humanity’ ceremony, both in 2013.

Personal Life & Legacy

In 2011, Selena Gomez and singer Justin Beiber began dating each other, but since then it has been an on-and-off relationship between the two celebrities.

What Were The Reasons For Selena Gomez’s Depression?

Family Strains

Gomez did not enjoy a fancy childhood as we may expect from her present status. After her parents got divorced and financial laggards stood up like a rock, Gomez had a rollercoaster journey throughout.

Before she got a breakthrough with Disney, troubles, and frustrations walked along with her. The beginning of Selena Gomez’s depression is here.

Auto-Immune Disease

She are very much aware that Gomez suffered from an auto-immune disease called Lupus which also needed chemotherapy.

Lupus is a condition where the body’s own immune system attacks the host. So, it happened to her. Moreover, things look a flip when a lot of complications erupted, and kidney transplant was the only option left.

This stage was particularly dangerous and risky for her.

This stage was particularly dangerous and risky for her. After recovering, Selena opened up about her situation of depression which she was dealing with for years.

Selena has never lost hope even after facing so many obstacles in her life. She has given her best to win the hearts of her fans. Her hard work has paid off to reach her to this level.

We only have one life, and it is very precious, and there’s a lot we can do, and there’s a lot we should do.” – Selena Gomez

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