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Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s Story

Ray kroc

Ray kroc is who made his dream come true. Ray was a salesman of milkshake mixers.

Most of his customers restaurants and dinners purchased one or two units.

Entrepreneurs Kroc began working

When he received an order for eight mixes from a small food outlet in San bernadino, California.

He decided to visit them and see how they could sell on many shakes. It was the busiest restaurant he had ever seen.

McDonald brothers offered a limited menu

The owner- the McDonald brothers offered a very limited menu.

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, shakes and soft drinks all at the lowest price in the area.

Kroc saw an opportunity If he could open a chain of these restaurants, each as productive and profitable as this, money would flow in.

He proposed the idea to the McDonald brothers and agreed to implement it. Within a few years.

McDonald’s top selling food outlet in the country

McDonald’s not only became the top selling food outlet in the country, but created the fast food industry.

Kroc later bought out the McDonald brothers and expanded the business into an international phenomenon, making him one of the richest men of his time.

The world is filled with an abundance of opportunity which the Dreamers of the past never know.

A burning desire to be and to do the starting point from which the dreamer must take off.

Dreams are not born of indifference

Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition. the world no longer scoffs at dreamers, nor call them impractical.

Remember that all who succeed in life get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before arrive.

The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis.

Through which they are introduce to their other selves.

Kroc early life

While still in grammar school, the would-be fast-food king started a lemonade stand in front of his home in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park.

He worked in a grocery store, and he spent a summer behind the soda fountain in his uncle’s grocery store.

Through these early experiences, Kroc began to view the world as one big place to sell to.

By the time he was a teenager, Kroc had no patience for school, so he quit to take a job as a salesperson for Lily-Tulip Cup Co.

He was a natural ambitious

Young, ambitious and willing to work hard for long hours, Kroc quickly became the company’s top salesperson.

In the course of selling cups, Kroc met Earl Prince; a client who had invented a five-spindle milk shake-mixing machine called a Multimixer.

Fascinated by the speed and efficiency of the machine, and recognizing a cash cow.

when he saw one, Kroc, then 37, left Lily and obtained exclusive marketing rights to the machine.

He spent the next decade and a half crisscrossing the country peddling the Multimixer to drugstore soda fountain and restaurant owners.

Kroc approached his 50th birthday

During the early 1950s people were leaving the cities for the suburbs, forcing many neighborhood soda fountains to close.

Ray was losing customers by the dozens.

But one small restaurant in San Bernardino, California, ordered eight machines.

Intrigued by the order, Kroc left for California to see for himself what kind of restaurant needed to churn out 40 milk shakes at a time.

There he found a small hamburger stand run by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald.

Kroc calculate the financial reward

Kroc quickly calculated the financial rewards possible with hundreds of these restaurants across the country.

But when he approached the McDonalds with the idea, they told him they weren’t interested in doing it themselves.

So Kroc offered to do it for them.

The brothers agreed, and gave Kroc the exclusive rights to sell the McDonald’s method.

Ray opened his first McDonald’s

Ray opened his first McDonald’s in April 1955 in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines.

He used the meticulously clean and efficient restaurant as a showcase for selling McDonald’s franchises to the rest of the country.

For each franchise he sold, Ray would collect 1.9 percent of the gross sales.

From that he would give the McDonalds one-half percent.

Kroc sold 18 franchises his first year in business but was shocked to discover he was barely making enough money to cover his expenses.

In his haste to acquire the rights to the McDonalds’ methods.

he had made them a deal they couldn’t refuse.

Unfortunately, it was a deal on which he couldn’t make any money.

McDonald’s is a largest food supplier

By the 1970s, McDonald’s was the largest food supplier in the country and would remain so through the next two decades.

At the time of his death on January 14, 1984, a new McDonald’s was opening on average every 17 hours.

Ten months later, McDonald’s sold its 50-billionth burger.

Like many of the 20th century’s most influential entrepreneurs, Ray Kroc was not a creator.

When Kroc came onto the scene, convenience food already existed in many forms, from local diners to hot dog stands.

But it was Kroc who had the cunning ability to grasp all the complexities of the fast-food concept and deliver it in the best possible way.

The McDonald’s Method

Ray Kroc believed that the success of his company lay in his franchisees following “the McDonald’s Method” to the letter.

To ensure this, he developed a 75-page manual that outlined every aspect of running a McDonald’s operation.

Burgers had to be exactly 1.6 ounces, served with a quarter ounce of onion, a teaspoon of mustard and a tablespoon of ketchup.

Fries had to be cut at nine-thirtyseconds of an inch thick.

The manual even specified how often the restaurant needed to be cleaned.

Best Ray kroc Quotes

If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But, if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.

McDonald’s is a people business, and that smile on that counter girl’s face when she takes your order is a vital part of our image.

Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.

Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself.

If you’re not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business.

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