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Thanks a Million Season 1 Chain Unfolds Story

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Thanks a million

Celebrities kickstart a chain of kindness each gifting $100,000 to an unsuspecting individual.

Celebrities kickstart a chain

who have had a positive impact on their lives with a catch. Watch as the pay it forward chain unfolds.

Jennifer Lopez starts the chain of kindness by celebrating an inspiring young fan and her mother.

Hospital staff helped Kevin Hart recover from a serious car accident.

He’s back to return the favor and to encourage the staff to do the same.

Nick Jonas surprises longtime fans

Nick Jonas surprises longtime fan and mental health awareness advocate Carla.

Advocate Carla who in turn repays the kindness with a visit to her old high school drama teacher.

Kristen Bell shows her appreciation for a pre-school teacher who taught her a lot about motherhood.

Ready to return the favor

Before he lit up the NFL Aaron Rodgers had a mentor who helped him believe he could get there.

Yara Shahidi kicks off this chain by honoring the legacy of childhood friend Cameron Boyce.

Tracy Morgan overwhelms an inspiring gym owner.

Tracy Morgan inspiring gym owner

Later, this community leader gets to pay it forward with an old friend.

Basketball star Anthony Davis thanks a Los Angeles local graffiti artist for welcoming him to the city when he was traded to the Lakers.

Karlie Kloss surprises a former student of her Kode With Klossy camp.

And this proud pupil has another mentor she’d like to thank.

When Gabriel Iglesias was in high school speech teacher June helped him overcome some serious issues.

Now she’s at a taping of his show and in for a big surprise.

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